Room 1 – Hall of Mirrors
Museum ouverture. Featuring a Pleyel piano that has been restored and tuned to perfection for chamber music concerts. There is also a bust and portrait of Rossini.


Room 2 – Childhood and training (1792 – 1812)
The first steps by Gioachino in Pesaro, his family’s move to Bologna and his Venetian debut with “La cambiale di matrimonio”.

Room 3 – Initial successes (1812 – 1815)
We discover the places, loves and characters that made Rossini successful.

Room 4 – Neapolitan stay (1815 – 1822)
Scores written in his own hand, documents, pictures and paintings tell the story of Rossini in Naples when he worked as musical director of the Teatro San Carlo.

Room 5 – Leaves of absence from Naples (1815 – 1821)
While still living in Naples, we find out more about Rossini’s s brief return to Pesaro and his opening nights in Rome and Milan.


Room 6 – Rossini renaissance
Rossini is thirty years old, has composed about thirty operas and is famous all over Europe. In the intermission between the two acts of his life, we can watch video excerpts of some of his most renowned masterpieces like “Il barbiere di Siviglia” (The Barber of Seville), “La Cenerentola” (Cinderella), “La pietra del paragone” (the touchstone), “Mosè in Egitto” (Moses in Egypt) e “Guillaume Tell” (William Tell).


Room 7 – In Europe (1822 – 1824)
Rossini’s trips in Europe including Vienna and London at the beginning of his mature stage.

Room 8 – Paris, first act (1825 – 1830)
First trip to Paris by Rossini in the role of the director of the Théâtre-Italien in Paris. His last theatrical opera production is “Guillaume Tell”.

Room 9 – Return to Italy (1830 – 1855)
Rossini returns to Italy, spending time in Bologna and Florence.

Room 10 – Paris, final act (1855 – 1868)
Final return to Paris and his musical oeuvre up to his death on 13 November 1868.


Audio and video room
Rossini’s works can be enjoyed with tablets and individual headsets in a relaxing environment.

Interactive stations
Interactive orchestra: moving your hand through the air, you can listen to different excerpts from Rossini operas, isolating the instruments.
3d virtual display of the small Rossini “temple” at the Rossini Conservatory.
Interactive screening of the Rossini Theatre

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Closed 25 December and 1 January

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